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Keep up to date with contractor compliance


Compliance Made Easy

Manage contractor compliance records with this easy to use online compliance solution.

Compliance Records

Contractor compliance records can include:


Contractor Insurances

Contractor Workcover Policy

OHS & WHS Policies

Police Checks

Working With Children Checks




Develop a list of contractors and roles you need to associate compliance and record keeping requirements with.

Record Types

Establish your own list of record types, such as those listed above or create new ones.

Itemise Records

Assign record requirements to those responsible with due dates and attachments.


Weekly Email Alerts

Automated Email Alerts are sent each week to those responsible with copies to compliance manager(s). A separate email is sent for each record with an issue.

There are two email types:

  • REMINDER — sent when a record is about to expire
  • EXPIRY — sent when a record is overdue or expired

Record Keeping

Keep records, documents and email history online for quick and convenient access at any time.